A Review of John Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men in Celebration of Banned Books Week

An excellent review! Hope you all are reading some banned books. 🙂

Kylie Betzner

In the spirit of Banned Books Week 2014, I decided to review, for the month of September, John Steinbeck’s classic literary masterpiece Of Mice and Men. From the introduction alone, you can probably guess how I’d rate this book. Five of five stars, baby! So, why do I think this book is so great? Is it because of the story? The characters? The writing? All of the above.

imagesCAYSTFMG A simple story with a powerful message.

Many of us were forced to read this novel in high school. I myself taught this novel to my American Lit students back in my teaching days. But for those of you who didn’t crack the spine or who, for shame, were not allowed to read this book because it is on the banned books list, here is a summary of the story: Two migrant workers, George and Lennie, share a dream of buying their own land…

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