Review of The Murder of Roger Ackroyd

An excellent and well written review! Be sure to check this book out if you love murder mysteries.

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the-murder-of-roger-ackroyd1What was it about?

The Murder of Roger Ackroyd by Agatha Christie is told from the perspective of James Sheppard, a surgeon living in King’s Abbott, England. Although he first meets Roger Ackroyd at a dinner in Fernly Park, Sheppard has known for years about Roger’s family troubles. His stepson Ralph Paton, somewhat of a prodigal son, is engaged to be married to Flora Ackroyd, the daughter of Roger’s sister-in-law. At the start of the novel, Sheppard learns of the death of Mrs. Ferrars, a widow who rumor claimed had killed her first husband. Roger had been engaged to marry this woman.

After the dinner, Roger Ackroyd invites James Sheppard to his study and informs him that Mrs. Ferrars had been blackmailed by someone for the alleged murder of her husband. Roger suggests that the blackmailer is responsible for the woman’s death. Parker, Roger’s butler, enters the study and hands Roger a letter which the…

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