Legend by Marie Lu


Told in alternating chapters. Legend by Marie Lu is a story of two teenagers. June, a brilliant but militaristic girl from the Republic, and Day, a fugitive and a terrorist from the slums. June, with her perfect test score, is in pursuit of Day, who in attempting to rescue his family from the plague, has made himself the target of June’s Republic. How? By murdering June’s brother.

This was a fantastic book. Looking through the point of view of both June and Day quickly immerses you in the story. What I love about the plot is how believable and plausible it seems despite the post apocalyptic setting of Los Angeles. If there was any I would have to say negatively about the plot would be the relationship in the story. It just seemed more contrived than something that would actually happen. But this doesn’t detract from the story however.

The main characters are easy to like and root for. I surprisingly don’t like one over the other which is what usually happens when I read books with alternating POV’s. I liked both June and Day equally. They were both very interesting and relatable.

Even the secondary characters in this book have a layer of depth to them that makes you care for them almost as much as the main characters. For example, Tess and Day’s brother John.

This was an excellent story, I loved it as much as Divergent by Veronica Roth and The Hunger Games Trilogy by Suzanne Collins.

If you liked those books, you should definitely give Legend a look.



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