Why Sophie Turner Deserves an Emmy Nomination


Emmy nominations are going to be announced in a few days and even though the entire cast of Game of Thrones is excellent, I wanted to showcase someone I felt was most deserving of a nomination.

Sansa Stark is easily one of the most hated characters in A Song of Ice and Fire and Game of Thrones, especially when compared to her universally loved sister Arya Stark (I mean, come on! How can you not love Arya?). But, when it came to this season in particular of Game of Thrones, Sophie Turner really upped her game and gave what I felt was one of the strongest performances of the season.

The eldest of the Stark girls attracted a lot of hate during the shows first couple of seasons because of the character’s naïveté and dreams of princes and romance. She even told Cersei of her father’s plans to leave King’s Landing resulting in his execution. But as the show progressed, Sansa slowly began to shed her former self and become a player in the game of thrones. And under the tutelage of one of the finest players (Littlefinger), she has the potential to really wreak some havoc if she wanted too.

One of the episodes that really showcased Sansa was episode 8 where she saved Littlefinger during the trial of Lysa’s death. But even before this, she had her moments in previous episodes (my heart always breaks when she says “you’re hurting me!” to her Aunt Lysa when she’s accusing her of not being a virgin.)

I really hope Emmy voters do the right thing and nominate Turner for an award but the likelihood of that happening is very slim. And even if they were going to nominate another Thrones actor, it would most likely go to Lena Headey or Maisie Williams. But one can still dream, can’t they?


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