My Thoughts on Pottermore


Pottermore. Ahh I remember when it was first announced, potter fans all over the world were scrambling to find out what Pottermore was exactly. Now that it’s been here for a while, the website seems to have lost its glamour.

I personally have been off and on with Pottermore for a while. Some of it stems from not having any friends use it regularly and some stems from problems I have with Pottermore itself. So having just made a new Pottermore account, I decided to post what I like and don’t like about Pottermore.

What I like

The scenery. I love interacting with scenery. You can zoom in and out and discover hidden objects from actual scenes of whatever potter book you’re in. (As of right now, I believe the last book to have been released was Goblet of Fire.)

I really like the tidbits of information from JK Rowling. There’s information in the books to be found revealing either more background information on characters or it goes more in depth into the mythology of the Harry Potter universe. I don’t know of this pleases casual Harry Potter fans but I loved learning about this (especially since we’re not getting more Harry Potter books.)

Now the real fun begins with wand selecting (I mean when your wand chooses you) and the sorting ceremony. Now in Ollivander’s, you get asked a series of questions that will determine what wand you will get. The questions ask you about your height, eye color, etc etc. I was really pleased with the wand I got. I got a Vine wood with Dragon Heartstring core (just like Hermione) that’s 12 and 1/2 inches and quite flexible. If you’re a real Harry Potter fan, I bet that you (just like me) have taken dozens of Harry potter quizzes online to see what house you would be placed in, however this is the first time that one of them has had the “JK Rowling stamp of approval” on it. The questions were a good mix of leading (like do you value bravery, intelligence, etc etc) and abstract questions just like the wand quiz. The things the questions ask you seem so bizarre, you at first think there’s no way this could have any effect on my results and yet when you actually get sorted into your house, it all makes sense. Obviously, I placed a lot of thought into my answers as this would determine where I would in my 7 or so years at Hogwarts (not really). After much deliberation (and praying that I wouldn’t end up in Slytherin), I got into Ravenclaw!

Now that the good stuff is out of the way, let’s get to the bad.

What needs to be improved

I don’t like making potions. It’s ridiculously difficult. I can never manage to grab the bottles exactly the way I want to and my potions always come out bad resulting in me losing house points. They take too long as well. I mean, come on! I’m not going to spend an hour on a potion for a few measly house points. I’ve already ruined too many of my cauldrons!

The common room is so dull. I was super excited to meet other Ravenclaws and to my disappointment saw interesting information such as “blah blah blah has finished exploring chapter 10.” And “blah blah blah has collected galleons.” Really? REALLY? I would really like to see a more social aspect to the common room in future updates.

Also, I think Pottermore should really have a wand shop incorporated to its website. I mean, they’re selling eBooks, they should sell wands too. I know I would definitely buy mine.

The delayed releases of books on Pottermore is pretty bad too, but that’s something that can’t really get rushed though.

They’re should also be live classrooms and quidditch matches to really bring a Hogwarts like atmosphere to Pottermore.

As much as I like Harry Potter, it’s not perfect. But I’m willing to give Pottermore another chance.

If any of you are on Pottermore, be sure to add me! My name is QuillHex28026



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